Request for Proposal—Video Recording and Production for Ablaze Ministries

Issued by Ablaze Ministries—August 28, 2018
Matt Rice – President
Chris Bartlett – Vice Present of Next Level Ministry

Ablaze Ministries is a Catholic ministry organization that focuses on youth, ministry leader, and family formation. Ablaze Ministries is in need of a reliable and talented person and/or team that would be responsible for filming and editing four monthly videos to empower parents and ministry leaders to be more effective at connecting and sharing the gospel with young people.

Ablaze Ministries is accepting proposals in response to this request in order to find a qualified source for these videos and production.

Here are some details regarding the videos.

  • The duration of each video would be two to six minutes in length
  • Ablaze Ministries would be responsible for the content of each video
  • For each month, two of the videos would be filmed in Round Rock/Austin, TX and two would be filmed in Bryan/College Station, TX
  • Two videos would be filmed during each session

Submission Guidelines

  • Qualified individuals should submit their requests with all relevant information in one email or pdf attached to an email sent to
  • Bidders are asked to submit two examples or projects that they have worked on as well as details regarding their role in the project.
  • Bidders may include a variety of pricing to reflect different aspects of the filming. For example, a bid could include the cost with a two-camera set up for B-roll as well as a bid with a one-camera set up.
  • Bidders should include their typical availability for scheduling the filming sessions as well as estimated timeline from filming to finished product.
  • If you have a standard set of terms and conditions, please submit them with your proposal. All terms and conditions may be subject to negotiation.

Request for Proposal Videographer