Ways to Give

Ways to Give to Ablaze

Support Ablaze Ministries

In partnering with Ablaze Ministries, you allow our team to grow in number and work within parishes normally unable to afford quality youth ministry. Your partnership allows us to have the resources to train our staff, attend conferences that further develop our skills in ministry, and give us the support staff required to thrive as a team. You allow us to multiply our impact in youth ministry and the Catholic Church! Here some ways to give to Ablaze today:

  • Go online to Breeze to set up a one time or recurring online donation
  • Text “give $[amount] monthly” to 979-227-4900
  • Call in to our office at 979-485-9910 to set up a donation

If you previously had a donation set up with SecureGive, click here to access our SecureGive page.

Join an Ablaze Missionary’s Support Team

Partner with an individual missionary in the service of the Church. By definition, missionaries are called to depend on everyday people who believe in their mission and are committed to joining their work through financial support. If you are interested in partnering with one of our missionary staff members, we’d love to share our story with you and tell you more about the changes we have already witnessed through our ministries.

In partnering with an Ablaze Missionary, you are giving them the ability to continue their mission in changing lives for the community they serve. You truly become an irreplaceable part of our work and enable our ministry to thrive.

Visit Breeze to set up a one time or recurring online donation with an Ablaze Missionary.

Several of our missionaries are looking for their final support team members! Please email admin@ablazeyouth.org to be connected with a missionary in need.

Learn more in our FAQs.