Encounter Challenges

encounter challenges

This year, the Encounter team wants to challenge you to embrace the love and power of God and to share it with others. We gather many times over the year and learn, worship, & pray together. But, if we don’t bring that message back to our homes and schools, then it is wasted. Check out the most recent challenges below.

Challenge #5—October 19, 2017

How do you receive life at the Mass? Does Sunday feel different than every other day of the week? These are all important questions to answer, because Mass is our original encounter with Jesus! He gives us His Word, His Body, and his Blood so that we can receive life through them. Our challenge to you this week is to actively participate in the Mass. You can check out the readings on your phone before you get to the church. You can really listen to what the priest says during his homily instead of zoning out. And during the Eucharistic Prayer, you can focus your mind and remind yourself that the Son of God is truly present at that altar. We are a little over a week from the next Encounter, so mark your calendar for next Saturday, October 28th at 7:00pm! ••• ••• #catholic #encounter #encounterbcs #prayerministry #mass #christian #jesus #bodyandblood #eucharist #faith #church #receivelife #life #God #transforms #testimony

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Challenge #4—October 10, 2017

Do you believe that Jesus is alive? If so, then what holds you back from believing that God has the power to transform your life? This week, your challenge is to “SPEAK LIFE!” Grab your bible and read about the valley of the dry bones (Ezekiel 37:1-14). What stands out to you in this passage? Ask a friend or family member to read it with you, and see what resonates with them. Jesus gave us His Word so that we can grow closer to him and share in His most awesome power, speaking life. And make sure you mark your calendar for our next Encounter, October 28th! ••• ••• #catholic #encounter #encounterbcs #youthministry #christian #bible #biblestudy #speaklife #jesus #power #God #scriptures #ezekiel #drybones #comealive

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Challenge #3—October 2, 2017

Sometimes, in the midst of personal tragedy and terrible destruction, prayer is one of the simplest and most powerful things we can do. At every Encounter, we have prayer teams ready and waiting to pray for YOU! And sometimes it is difficult to ask for prayer or to ask others if they need prayer, but the effects of prayer are powerful and they bring life into the world. Your challenge this week is to “PRAY LIFE!” Identify areas and situations in your life where you need prayer and then ask for it. Talk with a close friend or mentor. And then ask if you can pray for them. You can visit encounterbcs.org for more information about our next Encounter or see the previous challenges from this week. ••• ••• #catholic #encounter #prayer #praylife #tragedy #life #christian #prayerteams #intercession #prayforus #God #love #jesus #forgiveness #mercy #power

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Challenge #2—September 27, 2017

Challenge #1—September 21, 2017