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Supporting Your Family as a Missionary At first, it may sound crazy. How can you be a father of three children and also a missionary? Well, Taylor Schroll is here to show you that not only is is possible, but it may be the ONLY way you can stay in ministry, follow your passions, and support your family. To learn more about Taylor, read his bio here.Read More →


The Fear of Fundraising Whenever we ask our missionaries, “What was your biggest hesitation to joining our team?” the answer is always fundraising. Even though they knew they were called by God to this ministry and saw others living joyfully as fully-funded missionaries, for some reason, there was still so much fear around the reality of fundraising. That’s my story too. And still is from time. Even though I have donors supporting and fueling this work of God, there are still times when I give into fear and fail to invite others into this mission. Fundraising is counter-cultural and can become surrounded by lies, whichRead More →